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About us

DESPOT.HU is a brand new DVD and Blu-ray of Hungary, where you can find all important films available for all film fans, collectors and buyers. Our main goal is to present the movies with much more additional information, more than the usual commercial presentations. Film reviews, trailers, professional backgrounds, other articles will be uploaded for the movies, so if you will be a fan of, this page will be the starting point. Please join us and enjoy the movies!

The films can be ordered through our webstore and there is a possibilty to collect your order personally at the following places: office @ Fantazmagória 

2040 Budaörs, Szabadság út 61.

Opening hours: workdays 8.30 - 18:00
Online: non-stop
For more information on shipping costs - click here
By phone: + 36 30 694 2858 (workdays)
By Email (non stop):

Budapest, V. Semmelweis u. 2.
Open all week from 9 AM -00 PM