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Buy CBG online in Sweden

The easiest way to buy CBG oil is through online stores. You can also compare products more easily thanks to sites like Pricerunner, although our recommendation is to buy directly from the manufacturers.

Here on the site we test our favourites and you’ll also have the option to order the oils. We also look at different payment methods, shipping methods, delivery times, taste and other things you might want to know about.

Buying CBG abroad

Many countries allow CBG products. Some examples are Germany, Denmark and Spain – but there are others too, best CBD and CBG oil: Be sure to check whether it’s legal or not before ordering, especially as legislation can change quite quickly when it comes to CBG oils. Abroad, they are also referred to as CBG oil, which can be useful to know when shopping internationally.

What does the Flashback Forum say about CBG oils?

Most users wonder about dosage, but there are also threads dealing with the „entourage” effect where multiple cannabinoids are mixed together. This happens when, for example, CBG and CBD are used simultaneously, a popular topic that also appears on other discussion forums such as Reddit.

We recommend that you rely on research in the first instance as it is difficult to know how serious the posts on Flashback are. Dosage recommendations are included when you order CBG and these are also the ones we believe should be used.

Things to consider when buying CBG oil in Sweden
Here you will find a short checklist of things to consider before ordering CBG products.

Buy only CBG oil without THC: In Sweden it is illegal to sell or buy products that contain trace amounts of THC. We recommend that you order CBG oils where the manufacturer can explicitly prove that THC is not traceable.

Choose the appropriate strength: when looking at the different products, you will quickly notice that the concentration varies. Concentrations tend to range from 2.5% up to 10%, but we think it’s best to start cautiously and test the weaker oils first.

Choose full-spectrum oils: the vast majority of CBG oils combine CBD for the entourage effect, i.e. the synergy is enhanced. The cannabinoids often complement each other very well, which is also why manufacturers blend them.

Swedish or foreign: Buying from a company that supplies CBG to Sweden also increases your security. The information is also easier to understand, but the business must also comply with all the rules and laws that apply.

Certificates: only buy from companies that can show their certificates. If these are not available on the website, you should avoid them altogether, or ask them where you can find the information.
Packaging: it is common for CBG to be sold in drops. However, you can also find them in capsules, CBG Hash that can be eaten like a cookie, or in powder form. Of course, what is best is subjective.